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Determined to upgrade its information system as well as making a major organizational progress, Deveaux SA has launched with Schaeffer a double  project :

- Replacement of its ERP software by the SOLIN V8 and implementation of connectors and / or interfaces with the
surrounding applications.

- Progressive deployment of a sales
front-office on the internet.

Besides the restoration of a strong development potential in the management of its internal processes, Deveaux will benefit from:

- Outsourcing of orders  (to agents and clients)

- The commercial flexibility provided by the new tool (for availability,  substitute items, ...).



Having established its Internet trading front office and then changed its ERP with a Schaeffer software, the Vosgiennes company wants to optimize the management of its warehouse by automating it.

A significant investment is planned for the layout and equipment of the shop, to  interact with the management information system.


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